Bulk Emailing Tips to avoid blacklisting

17 Powerful Tips of 2020’s for Bulk Emailing – (That Work Super)

If your email design ready, email lists ready and a bulk smtp server to send campaigns then before sending emails you need to take care of the following tips.

  • Avoid sending emails to purchased lists
  • Use shuffeled email lists which has all the email addresses mixed, yahoo, gmail, aol, b2b etc…
  • Avoid sending spammy words in subject line and message body i.e coupon, discount, Test, Sale, Offer, Free, Shop etc…
  • Use standard html with inline CSS with embeded images in code.
  • Use personalize words in email body
  • Try to rotate your email content using spinning the content technique.
  • Avoid sending big image in emails.
  • Use minimum 1 image and maximum 1 hyperlink in the email
  • Use alt text for images.
  • Avoid sending link for your company website use landing page URL to capture leads.
  • Avoid to send emails with high speed you will be blocked quickly until your ips or server become warmed up.
  • Make sure your email has unsubscribe link visible and working.
  • Keep eye on your sender email inbox some people reply back as complain or with interest in that case you should be able to reply back.
  • Send emails early in the morning so that when people get to work they see your email on top.
  • Avoid sending emails on weekends. People love to enjoy not to work on weekend.
  • Do not send Attachment Emails
  • Setup feedback loop with major ESP’s i.e gmail, hotmail, aol, comcast, yahoo etc…
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