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If you are looking for professional email marketing – when you need to send an email newsletter to a large number of subscribers – it’s crucial to find the best SMTP server to send mass mails.

professional smtp service
The main difference between a Free SMTP provider (like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo) and a professional email server is that can ensure the highest deliverability for your email messages and let you send unlimited emails quickly, without hourly or daily limits.

Before choosing a bulk email service make sure the best SMTP server provider has following features:

Setup Feedback Loops with top ISPs: It is important to keep your delivery rate high for your newsletter and remove the complains from your list;
Cheap smtp server plans in order to meet all type of emailing needs;
Smtp Servers should be compatible with all bulk email sender software, and easy to configure;
Configure SPF, DKIM, rDNS, DMARC important for better delivery rate;
IP blacklisting Support help to get delist your IPs if they become blacklisted;
Multi Subnet IPs good if you can have ips from different subnets so if one get blocked the other wont be in trouble because of first one;
MTA or IP Rotation help to speed up email delivery process;
provide Tracking Features to give you tools to track your email campaigns (open rate, the click-through rate, bounce rate etc.).
offer a 24/7 support to be available any time for you.
SMTP GURU meets all these features and many more, constantly striving to be the best SMTP service for your business. You can check our plans and choose the best you want: smtp server plans

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