How to create an effective newsletter?

When you decide to perform mass mailing remember that the content of you letter plays one of the main roles. That is why you have to make your newsletter interesting and informative for your recipients.

Below you’ll find several tips:

Firstly, think over the name of your newsletter.

This will be the first thing your recipients will pay attention to. Be creative! Your company’s name should awake interest.

Try not to use the Sales Hype.

Focus attention to the informative part of your letter, not to boring and sometimes annoying advertisements. The descriptive information should be enough for consumer to decide are the goods interesting to him or not.

Give preference to third-person description.

Newspapers and magazines may serve as an example for you.

Try to create an impression of live communication with your customer.

Use conversational tone. Small words will be better than bigger ones.

Create an informative but simple message.

Technical jargon is unacceptable. The message should be clear for everyone who reads it.

Proofread is a must.

Remember that your newsletter represents your company’s look, your people and service. Show quality and professionalism.

Make the front page extraordinary attractive.

You wouldn’t buy a magazine or a newspaper if there was just plain text, no headlines, and no pictures. Put the brightest, most important words, elements on the front page. Leaving the most interesting information in the end of your letter means that nobody will read it.

Avoid ballyhoos like “A message from Prime-Minister” on the front page.

It may attract your customers but for a moment or two. Remember that all that you write has to be informative and interesting.

Try to compose your letter in black and white. It doesn’t have to be in color.

Propose multiple employees to observe the letter composing process.

Let several people judge the whole content of the article, look for mistakes, etc. This will help to improve the full article in general.

Get more employees to make the content of your newsletters.

Allow them to choose their own area of expertise. Make your consumers think that articles they read are written by different people, not the same ones.

If you see that your staffer can’t cope with the task feel free to seek a freelancer.

There exist a lot of freelance copywriters that can help you to write a brilliant article without even keeping them on retainer.

Explore the newsletters written by your competitors.

You can find there some new ideas for your own business.

To perform an excellent email marketing campaign you’ll need three things:

a good team of newsletters’ writers
rich collection of articles
and frequency of publication

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